Peel Off and Stand Out!

Introducing your Better Business Card. The best new way to keep in contact.

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A business card with 1 or 2 peel-off sticky notes on the back of the card, lets you write your own message without leaving a mark. Stick your personal contact info to just about anything.

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Notes Won’t Fall Off!

Stick on doors, windows, and more!

Special Removable Adhesive

No messy residue left behind when removing.

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One of a kind

What is it that makes these new patented cards one-of-a-kind, unlike any others on the market and a must have for every business professional? Your NEW peel-off-cards, with removable clean adhesive on the back, now allow you to leave your message without leaving a mark. The perfect multi-functional added touch for more notes, appointments, reminders, and contact info, which will keep your business growing and moving ahead.

Peel Off Business Cards
Exclusively Available at SaxonInc.com

Ralph C. Wilson Agency

Jay T. Poplawski

I found the peel off sticky note most useful for a variety of applications and uses. I like how the note can be detached to my business card, and pressed to a surface and can be left without falling off, and when it is removed, it leaves no sticky residue behind.

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North East Auto Service

Ward Rehwoldt

I find these peel off business cards to be very helpful in a couple of ways. First, its an easy and an effective means of jotting a quick sticky note/quote for customers. Secondly, the little information card has customers sticking it to various places like their computer screen or address book for a handy reference. The price and quality of the cards is excellent. I would recommend them to anyone.

Cranbrook Realtors

Marina Wright

I love that my contact information can easily be peeled from the back of the card and stuck to any document. There is also a larger peel and stick panel where I can write a quick message for my customers. I love these cards. Overall, the whole experience has been great!

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Denny Hughes

Saxon business cards are unique, multifunctional and the most durable cards available. They are always a topic of conversation when handed out. They’re simply the best!

Fenton City Fire and Rescue

Fire Chief Robert Cairnduff

We use these cards in many different ways. They work great for leaving a note for someone to contact the department. They are easily stuck to a door at a home, business, or even a car windshield without leaving any residue. Our fire inspectors also use them to leave a note while at a business for inspections where no one was available. The cards allow them to call and reschedule for a later date.

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Claims Inc.

Brianna Hunt

Saxon business cards are truly innovative. Their design is sleek and functional. Our company is excited to use Saxon, Inc. business cards to help grow and promote our business.


Jeremy Sampsel

I love my Saxon business cards. Every time I hand one out the person who has received it always takes a second look and usually comments on how nice it looks. It is not only an ice breaker, I also value the quality. The peel off design works great for leaving a note or just peeling off my info sticker and sticking it virtually anywhere. I often stick it on the webcam of my clients and potential customers to help them maintain security over their webcam as well as to promote myself. I am so glad I ran into the two gentlemen at a trade show that said, “Let me show you something you have never seen before”. It’s not often that someone can say that and for it to be true. I will buy all of my future cards from Saxon Inc. and continue to promote them to my clients and business associates.

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