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Saxon Inc. Is now offering the complete system for ordering liquor in the State of Michigan. Our latest “Liquor Orderer” app and barcoded liquor price tags make this system the new standard. The tedious entering of one item at a time on the LARA website is over. Scan the barcode, add your quantity then place your order — it’s really that easy. Our app is available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for easy integration in your business environment. Choose which configuration is best for you:

  1. App with Tag Subscription and Scanner
  2. App with Tag Subscription, Scanner, and Tablet (Android)

Subscription includes:

  • Complete set of barcoded, laminated peel off Liquor Shelf Price Tags
  • Approximately 8,000 items in the Michigan Liquor Control Commissions Liquor Price Book. Tags consist of 20 Tags per sheet on standard 8.5“x 11” sheets.
  • 4 quarterly Liquor Price Books with barcodes for each item in the Michigan Liquor Control Commissions Price Book.


  • Android tablet and scanner. After a one-time cost, you own it.

*Multiple store pricing available, call factory for details.
*Currently only available for Michigan but will expand as customer demand is created in other governmental ordering systems.

For more information, call us at:

Customer Service