The "Quick Counter"™ App

The "Quick Counter"™ is a unique inventory counting app to aid companies in counting their inventory. It is an efficient, cost-effective, and a time-saving way for one person to accurately do inventory counting.

The "Quick Counter"™ App comes with either an Apple iPod or RCA tablet along with a push button barcode scanner. All of this controlled by a cloud-based control panel supplied with the app. Your database is uploaded to the cloud and controlled by you. This control panel pushes the changes down to the "Quick Counter"™ so they will always be ready for accurate inventory counting. Our cloud-based service is located in the Google environment and protected by the best and most secure servers in the world, Amazon.

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How does it work?

As each inventory item is scanned from either the shelf tags or from the barcoded inventory sheets, the app brings up that item’s description information and allows for a quantity entry. This quantity entry goes into a designated inventory location column and into the correct corresponding inventory item number. The quantities can come from various locations within the store/storage environment and are automatically added and compiled into a grand total column. Once the inventory counting has been completed, a submit button brings up a place for an email address. After the email has been sent and opened, the information appears in an Excel format, including the name, date and time of the inventory counting. All of the items that were counted and entered are in the exact sequence of the database. The counted amount totals are then copied, pasted and/or imported into the database.

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